We All Wish We Were A 'Jessa'...

I’m fairly certain the world doesn’t need another blogger. And that, by only starting now, I'm about ten years behind the times.

But sod it. I’m jumping in anyway.

So this is traditionally the part when I feed you a noble (but no doubt somewhat dubious) explanation of why I've started blogging. But over the past year I’ve frequently played the ‘analyse why we choose to share pieces of ourselves on t’interweb’ game and ultimately come to the same conclusion every time... I imagine, when soul searching is truly complete, it all boils down to a complex blend of wanting to engage with people of your own ilk; recording chunks of your life to prove to yourself when you’re old and grey that you had one; and of course, your good old, self-indulgent desire for approval.

So now we’ve got that cleared up, for those that don’t know, I’m Donna. Clearly, I am not a ‘squad’ as the Mama Squad title would suggest. I am simply me – a thirty five year old mama who started posting photos on Instagram just over a year ago in an attempt to find her very own, albeit virtual, girl gang. Possibly a sad state of affairs that our generation is searching for that village over wifi, but that discussion is for another time… all that really matters is that I discovered a wealth of knowledge, support, joy, and empathy amongst a collection of fabulous women whom I had never met. And, in my humble opinion, that can only be recognised as a positive addition to anybody’s life.

And so now I find myself here. In a new corner of the internet to which I am most definitely not accustomed (your guess as to how I get one of those parenting blogger badges on my sidebar is as good as mine). But what's the worse that can happen?!

And just to be clear from the outset, you should have very little expectations regarding frequency of posts or consistency of content on here. I’m basically your 'Jessa'… the yo-yo friend that you've not heard from in three weeks and you worry could possibly be lying dead in a ditch somewhere only to watch her swan into the bar and join you on a night out you didn't think she even knew you'd arranged.

But that’s only as a blogger of course.

In 'real-life', Jessa is swiftly eclipsed by Type A, control-fiend Marnie... because quite frankly, this thirty five year old mama has to parent, and there's no room for Jessa's rebellious and dissident ways when your four year old already has them mastered.