Anna Whitehouse

Anna Whitehouse is the mastermind behind the blogzine 'Mother Pukka'. She lives in Leyton, London, with her Editor husband (who now has his own Instagram following as Papa Pukka) and their little person Mae.

Anna's infamous tagline 'parenting the shit out of life', coupled with her #parentfail moments, have resonated with fellow Mamas who are searching the web for an honest portrayal of parenthood.

Is she effortlessly cool? Absolutely. Bloody hilarious? No doubt. But they aren't the reasons to feel inspired; She also happens to be incredibly down-to-earth and is genuinely wanting to support other parents out there, attempting to navigate through this journey of parenthood... like taking on the inflexible world of working with her campaign #flexappeal.

Don't just take my word for it, read for yourself...


#youknowyoureamamawhen Snapshot:

#youknowyoureamamawhen you find a rogue Cheerio attached to your hair/jumper/pillowcase.


Spotlight on Mother Pukka:

Give us an insight into Mother Pukka and what prompted you to create the now well-recognised brand?

I just wanted to have a bit more fun with motherhood, I suppose. There was so much bat shit crazy stuff going on – from squirting boobs to pneumatic eye twitches – I just thought, I’m gonna need to laugh through the madness before I cry.

Why do you think other Mamas have responded and engaged so enthusiastically with Mother Pukka?

Not really sure. Perhaps because laughing a bit makes the everything a little easier. I think however you parent, there’s always room to raise a smile here and there. I looked at my furrow-browed saggy chops in the reflection of a shop window once and remember thinking, ‘come on old girl, it’s not that bad’… So I picked myself up and started seeing a bit more of the light in the occasional darkness. Maybe that’s what works? It’s definitely not the posing against walls… that makes me look like a bit of a dick.

Having now developed into an Instagram ‘Influencer’, where do you hope to take the Mother Pukka project in the future?

I want the triple: to work for myself, a roof over my head and some Monster Munch in the cupboard. If I can achieve those three things, I’m gold.


Spotlight on Mamahood:

What do you know today about Mamahood that you didn't know a month ago?

Actually no idea. Maybe that plying your kid with Krispy Kreme’s isn’t the best way out of a tantrum - the sugar crash is traumatic for all concerned.

Do you have a Mama ‘truth’ you keep secret in case of being judged by other parents and if so, would you care to share it today?

I haven’t ever felt judged by other parents – or if I have been judged, I haven’t noticed it because I’m too busy scraping my kid off the pavement and offering up Krispy Kreme’s.

What about your little person makes them so easy to love?

Let’s call a spade a spade: they are nature’s biggest vanity project. There’s a little bit of you tottering about there; what’s not to love?

When was the last time you felt 'Mama Guilt' and how do you deal with it?

It was yesterday when I said to my husband, “I think she [Mae] has been eating too much sugar”. I said it and then we started watching Netflix again. I think just getting it out there is good. And, of course, stopping with the sugar. Baby steps.

What is your Mama Mantra?

Don’t be a dick.


Spotlight on Anna:

What is currently on your nightstand?

We don’t have a nightstand because we’re really behind on house renovations/ soft furnishings. But on my floor is a mangled copy of The Sunday Times, my iPhone (complete with cracked screen after a run-in with Mae) and some Alka Seltzer – not for me, but for my husband who has just returned from a stag do.

When you manage to find that elusive 'me-time', what do you do with it?

I try and create stuff for Mother Pukka. I do some video editing, think up some ideas and write a blog post or two. It’s definitely work but it’s for me, so I’ll brand that as ‘me-time’.

What are the last three items on your bank statement?

A Lulu Guinness ring from the National Portrait Gallery’s Vogue Exhibition, a jar of posh gherkins from TK Maxx (seriously the food stuff is amazing) and some bog roll from our cornershop.

Who inspires you and why?

Steph Douglas from Don’t Buy Her Flowers. She’s one of those people who would tell you if you had a bogie hanging out of your nose and manages to email back n a heartfelt way even though she’s the busiest woman I know.

What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I attended a 2-day Hand Job Workshop in Amsterdam. Not sure it would surprise anyone, but I thought it quite brilliant there’s a place for such creativity. My favourite quote from the sex therapist running it: “The hand job is the lost art of the shagging world”. Indeed.