Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, Bobbi Brown Pro Makeup Artist, shares her enviable skills with the world through her 'before and after' transformations on YouTube and Instagram.

It is widely reported that Hannah was the makeup artist for the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day in 2011 and she was also recently behind the makeup of the inspirational Laura Trott as she became Mrs Kenny.

This incredibly talented lady travels the world, creating flawless makeup looks for celebrities, models and VIPs and she radiates happiness and gratitude whilst doing so.

But then you catch a glimpse on her IG feed of her life at home as a Mama and can't help but notice that her signature beaming smile, only gets wider and brighter.

Spotlight on being a Bobbi Brown Pro Artist:

Give us an insight into the life of a Bobbi Brown Pro Artist.

Being a Pro Artist at Bobbi Brown is a dream come true. I get to work alongside the legend herself, I get to teach makeup to our artists and artists at various makeup schools, I get to meet a whole host of women during in-store events, I get to take part in both London and New York Fashion week, I get to do makeup for fascinating women including celebrities and VIP's, I present on QVC, the odd bit of breakfast tv and a whole load of other wonderful things. No two days are the same!  

What has been the highlight of your Bobbi Brown career?

I suppose the weddings of 2011 were a career highlight but I also loved working on and featuring in Bobbi's book 'Pretty Powerful'. That was my very first 'before and after' and the whole experience was incredible. Bobbi was so kind to invite me out to New York to take part in the book shoot-my mother was really unwell and it was just the distraction I needed. That's just the kind of woman she is! My mother never got to see the book but she was thrilled I was taking part. I gave a talk at the Vogue Festival in May with Lisa Eldridge and Val Garland so that was a career highlight for sure.

What essential products do you swear by now that you’re a Mama?

The essential products I swear by now I'm a Mama are Extra Eye Repair Cream and Extra Moisturising Balm to keep my skin plum and hydrated to try and recreate that glow my skin had before I got so tired!! Although I wear a fair amount of makeup at work, when I'm at home I'm more than happy just to wear a bit of corrector and concealer (A LIFE SAVER for dark circles like mine) and bronzer. 

Spotlight on Mamahood:

What do you know today about Mamahood that you didn't know a month ago?

What I know about Mamahood now that I didn't know a month ago is that it really does get better and better. It seems like every day Bear gets sweeter, kinder and funnier. He's also just nailed night times without pull-ups and a month ago I wouldn't  have believed that was possible!! We are nappy-free!! Hooray!!!

Do you have a Mama ‘truth’ you keep secret in case of being judged by other parents and if so, would you care to share it today?

Oh no, I'm so going to be judged for this but I use Nutella as bribe to get Bear up and dressed in the morning. My husband leaves for work at 7 so mornings are pretty manic (although getting easier) trying to get Bear and I up and out. The promise of a Nutella sandwich gets him wriggling into his trousers in no time!!

What about your little person makes them so easy to love?

Bear is so easy to love for a number of reasons not least because he is my much longed for miracle baby. We went through a lot to have him and I count my blessings every evening when I slip into his room and kiss his cubby cheeks before I head to bed. He also has the cheekiest grin  and funniest personality that I simply adore-he likes nothing more than making people laugh so he regularly has me laughing hysterically!

When was the last time you felt 'Mama Guilt' and how do you deal with it?

Urgh, Mama guilt!! I feel it every time Bear cries when I drop him at nursery but he has a brilliant time when he's there. It was particularly bad when my husband and Bear dropped me off at the airport for a recent trip to China. Bears face fell when he realised they were leaving me there and he sobbed as they left for the car. Of course I did too but not until they were out of sight! When I'm away I make little videos that I whatsapp to my husband to show Bear and he does the same for me-it really helps to keep me feeling connected.

What is your Mama Mantra?

My Mama Mantra is enjoy every second and when the going gets tough, there's always gin!! In all seriousness, every challenging phase will pass so try not to panic.

Spotlight on Hannah:

What is currently on your nightstand?

Currently on my nightstand is Bobbi Brown Face Oil-my night time hydration of choice, a box of tissues,  my inhaler, a big photo of Bear when he was just born and a tiny photo of my husband and I kissing when we were teenagers!

When you manage to find that elusive 'me-time', what do you do with it?

'Me time' is something I don't get a lot of currently (my husband is training for an IronMan!) but I do love to take myself for a coffee and just sit and people watch for a hour or so.

What are the last three items on your bank statement?

The last three items on my bank statement are two supermarket shops and a recent splurge on gorgeous classic trench coat...I love it!

Who inspires you and why?

Bobbi inspires me-cheesy but true! She's worked hard, followed her dreams, created an empire and raised a family. Her ethos is all about empowering women and making women feel better about themselves. She's also a huge philanthropist and clean living guru-super inspiring, pretty powerful you could say! 

What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I think the fact I'm pretty low maintenance surprises people. I get my hair done once or twice a year, I shop about as regularly and I rarely get my nails done...I think people expect me to have lots of monthly beauty maintenance costs but I don't. I've never even had a facial-maybe it's time to start!! I also still suck my thumb when I'm really tired or sad!!

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