Zoe De Pass

Zoe De Pass (aka DRESS LIKE A MUM) has exploded on social media with her campaign to redefine what it actually means to 'dress like a mum'.

Tens of thousands of Mamas out there who are looking for contemporary, colourful and yet still practical outfits (Zoe's are often breast feeding friendly) are turning to her for fashion and style inspiration.

That, and of course the fact that every one of her photos radiates positivity and an infectious zest for life!

Read below for her response to our quick-fire #mamasquadmeets questions...

#youknowyoureamamawhen Snapshot:

#youknowyoureamamawhen... you get up at 6am and that’s an ok time.

Spotlight on DRESS LIKE A MUM:

Give us an insight into DRESS LIKE A MUM.

DRESS LIKE A MUM is a campaign to change the bad rep of mum dressing. It is a popular Instagram feed and blog and helps and reminds women/mums not to lose their love of clothes and forget their identity in the depths of parenting.

Why do you think DLAM is so important and has become so popular?

DLAM is part of a bigger statement about mums and the assumptions people make about us as a demographic. There are loads of different types of people, women and mums ­- we are all different, believe in different things. DLAM is making a statement about mums and fashion and is sending a message to brands not to ignore us.

Spotlight on Mamahood:

Do you have a Mama ‘truth’ you keep secret in case of being judged by other parents and if so, would you care to share it today?

I bribe my kids with smarties sometimes.

What about your little person makes them so easy to love?

I am always amazed about how much my kids know and understand and how they are born with their own personalities. My son and daughter are so different and are amazing, funny, bright and make me very happy. I love everything about them. Except when they whine.  

When was the last time you felt 'Mama Guilt' and how do you deal with it?

I try hard not to feel guilty ­ it’s a waste of time. I am a very positive person so always look on the bright side.

What is your Mama Mantra?

Pick your battles and have fun.

Spotlight on Zoe:

What is currently on your nightstand?

Bottle of water, Conran shop lamp, hand cream and The Mother Book by Molly at Selfish Mother.

When you manage to find that elusive 'me-time', what do you do with it?

It is very rare as all the spare time i have i am working. I run at least once a week and i like listening to podcasts.

What are the last three items on your bank statement?

Super Hero training classes for my son, H&M (jacket for me) and a bottle of red wine.

Who inspires you and why?

Other mums all doing their thing.

What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I love to party ­ but that might not be that surprising!